License Plate Inventory

Traditional LPI methods include manual field logging, re-entry of data back at the office and lack of integration with other systems and first generation handheld systems were limited by extensive field data entry requirements. ParkTrak’s LPI products deliver increased productivity, accuracy and reduced data entry.

  • What are the benefits of handheld LPI systems? Lower cost than fixed or mobile LPI/LPR, reduced manpower requirements and increased customer service, adding photographic evidence reduces contentions, operational flexibility of mobility vs. fixed systems, and increased revenue recovery due to swapped and/or lost tickets.
  • What types of facilities can benefit from handheld LPI systems? On-airport and off-airport parking, hotels, train and bus stations, ports, docks and ferries, shopping centers, universities, and many more.
  • Why implement a handheld LPI system? For better employee utilization, increased revenue generation, real-time scofflaw tracking, reduced length-of-stay contention, increased management overview of operations, and increased customer service, e.g. specific-location vehicle tracking.
  • What do handheld LPI systems include? Casio IT800 Handheld with 2 MP Camera, License Plate Recognition (LPR) Software, PC Software with extensive reporting capabilities with pre-set standard reports and custom reports module, optional data import/export interfaces with revenue control systems and other third party systems, e.g. security, and an optional printer.
  • Increased Productivity and Accuracy
  • Increased Revenue Generation
  • Reduced Data Entry, Lower Cost
  • Increased Customer Service

Versatility, Speed, and AccuracyLPI Handheld - ParkTrak

Handheld License Plate Inventory (LPI) systems with embedded License Plate Recognition (LPR) deliver increased productivity with added accuracy and reduced data entry.

  • Inventory in enclosed or open air environments
  • Easily transported from location to location
    • slung over the shoulder
    • belt clip
  • Scofflaw available in field
  • Vehicle locations by stall or lot
  • Extensive reporting